M3 Touch opens European office to better serve EMEA markets

M3 Touch opens European office to better serve EMEA markets

With further global immersion of the innovative NetSpot solution, M3 Touch is pleased to announce investment in a new corporate office and demo center, located in a Paris suburb to more closely serve the EMEA (Europe, Middle-East, and Africa) region. This field office, as well as newly appointed Director of Business Development, Mr. Maurice Kaoua, better positions M3 Touch to more directly serve the region and oversee expansion plans.

2015 saw more attention paid to the European market and with more interest in NetSpot from several players in various vertical markets such as, Healthcare, Aviation including Airline and Maintenance & Repair Organisations (MRO), as well as Education/Corporate Training, and military agencies, a local office was seen as a priority.


25451eeM3 Touch CEO Stephane Menard, reports that, “Since our initial focus in North American markets, we’ve received several invitations from ‘across the pond’ to present our solutions and participate in conferences, exhibitions, and events. It was only logical that we establish a local presence to better address this growing interest and show our commitment to the region. M3 Touch is poised to continue its strategic global expansion and as such, we can expect to form new local partnerships as needed and increase our presence in locales closer to new markets to capitalise on these new opportunities.”

The European office will focus primarily on establishing partnerships for NetSpot solutions and better service new and existing regional installations in EMEA markets.

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