NetSpot is THE ULTIMATE Solution

versatile and complete portable device management solution, consisting of hardware and software components
Allows administrators to fully control the process of physically distributing and managing shared mobile devices and their content.
Supports most laptop and tablet models running popular operating systems.

Network Administration & Reporting

NetSpot, the complete Solution

NetSpot’s management platform is the ideal solution in environments where portable devices are shared and where content/configuration changes frequently.

Comparison Chart

NetSpot, the solution that pays for itself!

NetSpot ROI can typically be achieved within months of implementation by reducing the quantity of devices organisations need, by extending the life-span of devices in the installation, and by reducing I.T. resource costs.

A corporation which provides its employees with portable devices, typically incurs operating costs ranging from 3 to 8 times the purchase cost of that portable device ANNUALLY!

related IT maintenance costs and also reduces inventory purchasing costs, due to a reduced number of devices being required.

NetSpot provides advantageous ROI for organisations that manage multiple portable devices, which are shared among various users and where content is updated or changed frequently.

Can you afford the cost of NOT using a NetSpot Solution ?